Daniel V. Keller

October 17th - November 16th, 2014

SIGNAL is pleased to present ATTRACTIONS, an exhibition of new works by Swiss artist Daniel V. Keller, running from October 17th through November 16th, 2014.

Drawing largely from the architectural tropes of roadside parks and "scenic-views," ATTRACTIONS plays off the manmade structures that delineate a "site" within otherwise natural landscapes, as a mediated space for visitation, leisure or spectating. The garbage bins, picnic tables, weathered educational displays, and brick-box bathrooms that dot the roadsides of the world serve as the basis for Keller's hand-hewn sculptural works, fragmented and transformed into their own uncanny points of interest.

See photos from purple DIARY: DANIEL V. KELLER "ATTRACTIONS" at SIGNAL, New York

Within the exhibition:

Selina GrÜter & MichÈle Graf

October 23rd - 26th

In association with Exchange Rates: The Bushwick International Expo, SIGNAL is proud to collaborate with Up State in Zurich to present an installation by Swiss artists Selina Grüter and Michèle Graf.

HORIZONS BUT MULTIPLE HORIZONS will run concurrently with Daniel V. Keller's ATTRACTIONS through October 26th.

For more information on and images from the exhibition.

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