Click here to read: Both Madeline Hollander's "Drill" and Aidan Koch's "Iris" selected as Critic's Picks in this month's Artforum Magazine.

Madeline Hollander

August 27th - October 2nd, 2016

Madeline Hollander's "Drill" is a durational performance, featuring between 2-7 dancers, that will be performed throughout the month.

"Drill" uses the evacuation procedure diagrams for museums, airplanes, universities, movie theaters, theme parks, and other public structures and cultural institutions as the basis for a series of choreographic scores.

Each performer enacts a specific trajectory as described by one of the emergency floor plans, looping continuously from the given "You Are Here" symbol through one of the exits, and then back through the "Entrance" to begin again.

Several deployed aircraft evacuation slides are suspended from the ceiling of the gallery and loom over the performers, in the style of an aerospace museum display.

"Drill" features dancers Kayla Farrish, Jeremy Pheiffer, Katie Gaydos, Asami Tomida, Andrew Champlin, Madeline Hollander, and Marielis Garcia. With an original score by $3.33 (Celia Hollander).

Ongoing performances of "Drill" will take place from 1-6pm each Saturday and Sunday.


Aidan Koch

August 27th - October 2nd, 2016

Aidan Koch's "Iris" employs character-based narratives, in dreamlike works on paper and sculptural objects, to explore the relationship between perception and reality.

Women discuss a mysterious game, fragmented faces gaze across a maze, a ladder leads over a short wall. Abstracted foreboding and ambiguity pervade the drawings and objects, mirroring the mental walls and corridors of the characters' consciousness.

"Iris" is Koch's first solo exhibition in New York.

Images from the exhibition.