Tim Bruniges • MIRRORS

January 24th - March 9th, 2014

Picture: Abbot's Cliff sound mirror. Photo by Andrew Grantham.

Signal is pleased to present MIRRORS, a site-specific sound installation by Sydney-based artist Tim Bruniges.

MIRRORS is composed of two 9-by-9-foot concrete structures, positioned opposite one another at extreme ends of the gallery space. These structures are sound mirrors: the parabolic curve on the inward-facing side of each amplifies and focuses the sound waves around it. As the installation's technological system is activated (a microphone in the center of each sound mirror, as well as computer and speakers), they begin to pick up ambient sounds in the gallery and feed them between each other into amplified loops of varying lengths. All sounds picked up over the course of the show remain in these cycles, circulating through the work, recurring at uncertain intervals throughout the exhibition.

Join us for an opening reception Friday, January 24th 7-10pm.